The hot, humid and dusty conditions of Dubai means that your windows are often covered in dirt and grime and need to be cleaned quite frequently. A professional window cleaning service in Dubai can help you stay on top of the grime and ensure that your windows stay clear all year round. ONTIME CLEANERS offers a range of options for homes of various sizes and allows you to tailor the frequency of the service.

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Tired of the grime

If you live in an apartment building, the building management tends to take care of the exterior window cleaning, however, if you live in a villa you usually have to take care of it yourself. Finding the time to clean your windows can be difficult and is often unsafe to carry out yourself – that’s where we come in! Our professional window cleaning partners will carry out the service by first surveying your home to see what would be the best window cleaning solution for your home, and the window cleaners will carry out the service on the same day.

Window cleaning in Dubai and UAE

Window cleaning is the difference between a clean house and a really clean house! If ‘house proud’ is a term used to describe you, then surely you have the number of a window cleaning company in Dubai on speed dial. After all, what good is a spotless home when the view outside is hazy? All that is required to mess up your window panes and glass doors is a short spell of rain or a dust storm, and what you need to clean it up is a good window cleaning service. 

ONTIME CLEANINERS window cleaning service is a one-stop-shop for all things glass. Be it a window or a door, at an accessible or inaccessible height, we will have it wiped. All you have to do is get online or download the free iOS and Android app for a seamless window cleaning experience. Our window cleaners will be at your home at a day and time that suits your schedule, complete with cleaning material including set up ladders and high-grade water. 

We use specialized tools that help us clean in the hardest to reach corners, all the time making sure not to leave scratches on the glass. Our cleaners will also carry out a post-service clean up that will leave your house as clean as to how we found it. Our window cleaning team is reliable and efficient, and fully-trained to do the required job, be it windows and doors on higher floors, internally as well as externally.